VLC Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Everyday Mathematics Virtual Learning Community!
Please read the following information carefully before filling out the registration form.

This website is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Illinois Board of Higher Education. As part of this funding, we are conducting research on how teachers use the website. Whenever you visit the site, we will keep track of your activities, including the pages you visit, comments you make, and answers you give to questions that are part of online professional learning metrics. By registering for the site, you agree that we can collect this data for research purposes. No identifying information will be stored with these data. We encourage you to use an alias (or first name only) for your interactions on the site, so that your data are never identifiable.

At any point, you have the right to request one or more of the following actions by emailing us at emvlc@uchicago.edu

Neither unsubscribing nor asking to have all your data removed from the site would preclude you from rejoining the site at a future date.

In joining this site, you will have access to videos of classroom activity and other classroom artifacts. We ask that you respect the rights of the persons, especially children, in the videos by not downloading or distributing video. We also ask that you illustrate respect for the persons in the video in your comments on the site. While constructive criticism is welcome, we will not tolerate comments that disparage teachers or children personally or seek to share identifiable information about the participants in the video either inside or outside the site. If you know persons in the video, please do not post their names or any information that could identify them to others who do not know them. As much as possible, we must respect the privacy of those who have agreed to allow us to use their images for this professional learning endeavor.

Although this site is password protected, as in any internet activity, there is always a risk of your activity being seen by those for whom it was not intended. For this reason, we urge you to refrain from publicly discussing your professional life in too much detail, such as discussing specific administrators or colleagues at the school, and, most importantly, children’s names. You should feel free to discuss your school context and situation in general (e.g., urban school, high-income school, split-grade classroom, etc.) but names should be avoided for your own safety. We are not responsible for any professional ramifications that may result if you post confidential information about your school, colleagues, or students on this site.

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